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Look to this powerful speaker to address real issues with real experiences and solutions – for those who are dealing with the everyday challenges that trauma can bring

Dr. Paulette Bethel faces the tough issues head on – with humor, empathy, and real-world experiences and solutions. An international speaker and expert in trauma, historical and multigenerational trauma, identity issues, multiculturalism, family transition and adjustment, Dr. Bethel offers keynote presentations, workshops, and trainings on on trauma and identity. .

Backed by a career in the U.S. Air Force and training as a family systems therapist, Paulette has first-hand experience living and working in a variety of countries and cultures and understands the spectrum of issues that individuals and families face, especially when it comes to challenges with trauma, identity and issues stemming from feeling like an outsider or real world experiences of being different dues to appearance, behaviors or life circumstances . Her professional counseling and coaching experience – combined with her personal experience – offers insight into the challenges (and opportunities) of having lived with trauma and identity impacts.

Dr. Bethel’s presentations help families overcome relocation challenges

As someone “who’s been there,” Dr. Bethel’s sage advice helps people to quickly adjust to new circumstances, increase their resilience and well being, become healthier individuals, and learn skills to write a new narrative for their lives. 

 As an NPE who has lived through this DNA discovery nightmare and a transition & adjustment expert and certified trauma coach, I can help you move through the challenges that come with the shocking discovery that "your daddy is not your dad.  In addition, Dr. Bethel applies her “culturally calibrated” approach to deliver an on-target message to each audience – no matter where they are in the world. With this approach, she takes into consideration the context and nuances of the rthe dynamics that trauma and identity can have on individuals, families and organizations.

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Identity Disruption™ is a concept I coined to describe trauma events that lead to disruptive challenges related to  one's self view or self narrative. 

Identity-based trauma, sometimes referred to as   pre-traumatic stress syndrome, refers to the anticipation and fear that come with knowing that  you  might be targeted because of who you are or it can stem from anticipatory anxiety about a situation or event that may occur in the future. 

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When a DNA Test upends your life

 NPE (Not Parent Expected). Genetic Bombshell. DNA Surprise. Unexpected Ethnicity. Identity Dispupted™.  Whatever you call it, it’s devastating! Family and friends tell you its no big deal. Others think you will get over it like a cold. But the reality? This unexpected DNA discovery is difficult. Marriages suffer. Relationships  struggle with the discomfort and fear that comes with the revelation of family secrets revealed. 


identity disrupted™ What do I call myself Now?



What's in a name?


Names and identity are powerful symbols . Our names and identities describe who we currently are. It is a  representation of how we perceive ourselves in this world. Our identities and sense of self may evolve over time and may be different  depending upon our age and locale. As we grow, change, and have new  experiences what we call ourselves may change as well. However, when one's discovers through DNA testing that he name that they have identified with all of their lives is not I name passed down through genetic inheritance, it can represent  a devastating blow to an individual's assumed identity and result in identity trauma? This interactive workshop will explore the dynamics o f learning through DNA that the surname you were assigned at birth is not genetically you. Recommendations will be made to help those dealing with disruptions of identity to make sense of their lives and claim a new identity of their choice.