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My programs and my unique ReStory Your Life process reflect a genuine understanding of the trauma associated with the discovering that your parent is not your parent from the act of taking a DNA test.   As certified trauma coach,  I  can help guide you towards peace, healing and recovery. 

My safe coaching approach works


 You don’t have to remain trapped inside your NPE trauma experience.  With my easy-to-understand, safe coaching environment, you will learn coping skills specifically designed to help you navigate this  tough journey, tap into your strengths, and  experience increased joy,  as you adjust and grow.  

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 Need help with overcoming the shock of your NPE Discovery? Not sure where to start or what support is needed? Are you ready to take the first step to regain your life back and create a new story for your life? Ready to try Trauma Recovery Coaching? 

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How does coaching with Dr. Bethel work?


Everyone  is unique and has their own set of challenges. I'll start by discussing your concerns, goals, and expectations.  Once we've talked, I will begin your coaching engagement by using a collaborative process of inquiry and discovery to assess your needs.


Once we've clarified your goals I will create a personalized, customized  plan designed specifically for you to create a future vision, develop desired competencies, and take effective action toward your desired results.  I will collaborate with you to ensure you understand how and why our will work to meet  your desired goals.


I will walk alongside you as we execute the plan together, from start to finish and assist you with support, structure and feedback, help you to identify obstacles (opportunities) in your path, and encourage you as you move forward in your journey of healing from your trauma discovery and challenges to your sense of identity and place in the world. 

Finally YOU GROW

Rely on Dr. Bethel to find the right approach and action steps to help you face your current challenges and be able to move past the the old pain and suffering. You may even find that having gone through these challenges  process of of self discovery has resulted into new learnings, greater insights and realizing that you have become a better person, as a result. The tools and skills you learn will remain effective whenever you  must face other life challenges,  encounter unexpected situations, and adjust to situations, circumstances and environments.

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